Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church

St. George, UT

Our Sister Congregation in Dorogobuzh, Russia

In May, 2013, Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church joined the Presbyterian Mission Agency's Twinning Program. The program seeks to create a relationship between congregations in the United States and congregations in Russia. We were offered the chance to twin with three congregations and, after prayerful consideration by the Session, we decided to twin with Dorogobuzh Baptist Church.

Our sister congregation is a small Baptist congregation in Dorogobuzh, a town of about 11,000 along the Dnieper River near Smolensk. It is about 350 miles southwest of Moscow.

The church is small with about 30 members. Their Pastor is Sergei Grokhotov, his wife is Nina and they have 4 children. We have received a number of photos from them (some appear below) and have sent them a letter introducing ourselves and several photos. From the photos we have, it appears that they have a very active youth ministry.

Rev. Ralph and Mission-Outreach Moderator, Chris Schleter, visited Dorogobuzh in July, 2015. They found our sister congregation to be a faithful, loving group. To read more about their trip, click here.

We look forward to our growing relationship with our brothers and sisters in Russia and ask God to nurture our relationship.

We have also discovered some YouTube videos of their congregation, as well as some about Dorogobuzh, itself. To view the videos, click here. The videos titled "Harvest Baptist Dorogobuzh" are of our sister congregation and the one titled "The day to the city, Dorogobuzh" is a walking "tour" around Dorogobuzh (with Russian narration, of course!)

Dorogobuzh_Baptist_Church.JPG Pastor_Sergei_and_Family.JPG

Dorogobuzh Baptist Church

Sergei and Nina Grokhotov and their family

Dorogobuzh_Congregation.JPG Music_at_VBS_Crop.JPG

Congregation of Dorogobuzh Baptist Church

Music at Bible School