On Thursday, October 15, Christie Benton, dietitian, from LiVe Well Center at Dixie Regional Medical Center provided the Brown Bag attendees an excellent presentation on making it easier to cook for one or two. She noted that as we get older it is a challenge to meet the nutritional demands with fewer calories. It means those fruits and veggies and lean meats, fish and chicken are necessary to provide this. Here are some pointers that she shared with us:

  • Shop with convenience in mind
  • Take advantage of your freezer
  • Cook a batch and freeze single portions- be sure to write contents & date
  • Prepare one-dish meals like stew or casseroles
  • Use extras wisely so you can use the extras in new dishes
  • Hit the cookbooks for ideas
  • Try to include foods from 3 food groups
  • Set a pleasant table
  • Think healthy snack, humus or fruit
  • Go out or invite friends over for occasions
  • Enjoy community supplied meals on occasions
  • Cook ahead- use your crock pot

You can listen to the audio of Christie's presentation.

You can also download Christie's handouts.