On February 19, Mark Heiner, of Heideman-Hughes Mortuary, spoke on how to ensure that your final wishes are carried out. He started with the question, "would your family know what to do when you die?" He emphasized that decisions are much easier to make and much less stressful when you make them together ahead of time. There are so many questions to answer: do you want a burial or cremation; where do you want the service; do you have plans to be interred; if so, what kind of casket; do you wish to have a viewing; if so, what clothes; who will be your pallbearers and such details as to what music would you choose or what Bible passages would you like read. These are just a few of the many decisions to make. These instructions are made out of love and concern for your loved ones and will help them at a most difficult time.

On a practical note, what is your budget? How much do you want spent? When asked what the average funeral cost, Mark said that at today's prices in St. George a vault package (full body burial) would be around $4500 and a cremation package around $2295. Actual cost will depend on the services that you choose. Veterans if honorably discharged may receive free of charge either a bronze plaque, light gray granite or white marble headstone, although there will be a charge for installation.

Your Mortician can provide you with a Planning Guide in which you can write down your instructions as well as a life insurance policy which not only provides for the funding of the funeral but is specifically designed to keep pace with inflation.

You can listen to the audio of the presentation.