Could you have a problem with drug interactions?

Does your Primary Physician know all of the medications you are taking, not only from him or her, but other Doctors and especially over-the-counter medicines? We have a wonderful free resource through LiVe Well Center to help you. Tamella Asquith is a Medical Librarian Community Health Information Specialist who will research all the medications both from your Doctors and over-the-counter to see if you have any potential interactions of which your doctor is not aware. All you have to do is either bring in a list of all of your medications or you can email her and she will do the research and send you a report by email or regular mail. She can be reached at 435-251-3785 or by email at You need to fill out a form and there are copies available on the Nursing Ministry bulletin board at church. You can also download the form.

It is highly recommended that you keep an updated list of all the medications you take. You should keep a copy of the list with you at all times or in the glove box of your car or in your refrigerator in an empty medicine container.

If you have any expired medications that you no longer use, you can dispose of them at the St George Police Department where they have a box in which to place them.