Make your General Fund or Building Fund Pledge Online

Using the forms at right, you can make a pledge online to support the General Fund or the Building Fund. To make a pledge, just click the link at right to access the appropriate form, fill it out and click Submit. Be assured that your information is secure - only the Financial Secretary will receive your information.

When you have made your pledge, you may fund it online. Select Giving in the Stewardship menu at the top of the page and, when you see the Giving page, click Online Giving. You can then fill out the form and submit it.

If you are making a recurring (weekly or monthly) online payment on your 2024 pledge, please be sure to enter a start date in January of the year you wish to pledge (eg., January 15, 2024) and enter December 31 of that year (eg., December 31, 2024) as the end date. This will ensure that your donations begin in the correct year and end at the end of that year.

You can also download a fillable General Fund Pledge Card or a fillable Building Fund Pledge Card. You can fill out these forms on your computer, print them and drop them in the offering plate on Sunday.

We thank you for your prayerful consideration of your support for Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church.